Serving Your Ham

Fully cooked by hickory smoking, spiral cut, honey glazed and ready to serve when you pick them up.

Serving Temperature • Refrigeration • Freezing

Hams are best served cold or at room temperature. If desired, it may be heated by placing it in a pan covered with foil. Add a few drops of water and heat at 225 degrees for five minutes per pound. When using a microwave oven, consult your microwave instruction manual.
Our hams have no water added, so they should be kept refrigerated at all times and consumed within one week. Any portion not consumed should be frozen. Freezing your ham will keep for up to 90 days. Always thaw your ham in the refrigerator.

Carving & Serving 

Top remove slices, insert your knife into the ham at the bone and cut around the bone in a 360 degree circle. Now Make cuts along the neutral lines of the ham surface and along the bone to remove sections and slices.
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